Air Quality is a high profile environmental concern. AWML’s air quality staff have expertise in a full range of services, from monitoring and assessing environmental air quality to implementing corrective action and providing expert testimony, legislation, review and permit preparation.

• Regulatory Analysis: Air quality compliance monitoring is used to effectively determine and analyse the applicability of regulation to specific processes.

• Emission Determinations: This includes preparation of potential-to-emit calculations (annually or hourly), calculation of actual emissions factors, inventory reporting and characterization of these emissions by chemical species, including inventorization of Green House Gases (GHS).

• Air Monitoring and Air Quality Impact Analysis: Comprises determination of the quality of ambient air and environmental/health impacts both within and without a facility.

• Air pollutants dispersion modeling using internationally acceptable dispersion Models, e.g. AERMOD and USEPA approved Industrial Sources Complex Short Term (ISCST) Model.