Air Pollutants Dispersion Modeling

Using internationally acceptable dispersion Models, AWML have in the past executed dispersion modeling using International Standard models like the ‘AERMOD’ developed and approved by USEPA, and some other approved Industrial Sources Complex Short Term (ISCST) Model.

Mixing Zone Modeling/Analysis

AWML uses a wide range of modeling system to provide solutions to our clients’ need. We have in the past use Monte Carlo Simulation Modeling to analyze potential discharges offshore. Mixing Zone Modeling and Expert Analysis is carried out for waste water discharges in riverine, coastal and offshore marine environment, using the CORMIX Model System. Because of its ability to simulate details of plume boundary interactions, important for ecological and human health risk assessment, CORMIX has been successfully applied by regulators such as USEPA and Nigeria DPR, and operators such as SPDC in Bonny and Forcados and SNEPCO at EA Fields through AWML International Limited Consulting Services.