AWML INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, formerly Atlantic Waste Management Limited is a wholly owned indigenous company incorporated in 1991 to render services in the areas of: Environmental Engineering/Environmental Studies (EA, EBS, EER, PIA, EAu etc), Waste Management/Remedial Investigation,
• General Laboratory Analysis including Toxicity, Bioaccumulation & Biodegradation Investigations.
• Geological and Hydrogeological Survey
• Groundwater Pollution Assessment and Clean-up
• Air Quality and Gaseous Emission Monitoring/Modeling
• Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Mapping
• Lightning Protection
• Mixing Zone Modeling/Analysis
• Quantitative/Qualitative Risk Analysis (QRA)
• Pipeline/Storage Tanks Corrosion Monitoring/Assessment
• Remediation/Restoration of Oil Polluted Sites.
• Flood and Erosion Control/Remediation.
• Energy Development (Solar and Wind)


Environmental Modeling

Air Pollutants Dispersion Modeling Using internationally acceptable dispersion Models, AWML have in the past executed dispersion modeling using International Standard models like the ‘AERMOD’ developed and approved by USEPA, and some other approved Industrial Sources Complex Short Term (ISCST) Model.

Lightning Protection

AWML in partnership with Independent Protection Co. Incorporated (IPC), Goshen, Indiana, a leading manufacturer in lightning protection facilities, provides complete lightning protection for all types of structures – residential, commercial, industrial and even trees. The unpredictable and often devastating character

General Laboratory Services

AWML has the capability of handling a wide range of laboratory studies/analysis including analysis of environmental samples, quality control of raw materials and products. Our laboratory in Port Harcourt has experienced human resources and state of the art equipment to

Corrosion Monitoring/Assessment

AWML in collaboration with her technical partner, Emster Engineers & Corrosion Consultants Limited, undertakes the monitoring of the integrity of petroleum products pipelines and storage tanks using Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) to measure tank bottom and pipeline thickness. We also measure

Air Quality and Gaseous emission monitoring

Air Quality is a high profile environmental concern. AWML’s air quality staff have expertise in a full range of services, from monitoring and assessing environmental air quality to implementing corrective action and providing expert testimony, legislation, review and permit preparation.

Environmental Engineering and waste management Services

Solid Waste Engineering/Waste Management The Services provided under this category include: Environmental Site Assessments for solid waste disposal: AWML environmental engineers and scientists have the expertise and experience to conduct environmental site assessment for the siting of commercial or industrial